Advancements in technology have changed people’s expectations and, as a result, they are demanding innovation, a connected engagement journey and personalization across every aspect of their lives, including healthcare.

Simplified Experience

Personalized Guidance

Measurable Savings

So much more than “just another benefit account” experience.

Next Generation Member Portal and Mobile App

Our platform takes the guesswork out of the employees healthcare spending and saving decisions. It includes a personalized, real-time and self-guided experience that ensures employees have access to not only easily manage their Health Benefit Accounts on-the-go, but also powerful new tools to help save you money.

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We deliver a smarter consumer-directed healthcare account experience!

Multi-purpose Debit Card

A single debit card is leveraged for all Health Benefit Account spending. Our debit card provides easy, immediate, thought-free access to funds. And we help eliminate confusion by automatically paying for eligible expenses from the right account based on the plan rules in place.

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Client Service & Reporting

  • Logging Client Interactions: We rate all client interactions using our proprietary quality rating system. After every interaction clients receive a survey, which based on its results, may prompt additional outreach by OCA to help resolve the inquiry.
  • Analyzing Interactions: We review the types of interactions with members  and employers to help identify areas that can be improved upon (i.e. call question types, call volume, etc.).
  • Making Recommendations:  Based on our analytics we proactively reach out to our clients to schedule follow up trainings, review plan design, and more to help improve member experience.

    “Our reporting provides insight into enrollment and utilization, spending and saving behaviors, and member satisfaction. By taking the guesswork out of spending and saving decisions, OCA can help deliver the best possible client experience.”

    Jason Davey, Vice President Member Experience at OCA