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OCA offers COBRA administration, direct billing and consumer-directed healthcare in one integrated platform.

Why COBRA Compliance Matters

The costs of failing to comply with COBRA can be staggering. It can include multiple, stacking penalties from governmental agencies as well as civil lawsuits from qualified beneficiaries. The amount of possible damages awarded in any case will depend on the circumstances of the qualified beneficiary (or beneficiaries) in the case. OCA’s solution allows you to easily outsource this key HR function, avoid potentially costly mistakes, and ensures your ability to remain compliant.

Our platform uses the latest technology to deliver an exceptional consumer and employer experience.

Intuitive User Experience
Partners, employers, and consumers have access to flexible reporting, multi-channel payment acceptance, customizable letters, and more

Streamlined Interactions
A qualified beneficiary can elect and pay for COBRA in one sitting, reducing the time it takes to enroll the consumer with the insurance carrier

Engagement & Support
From the initial notice through the end of COBRA life cycle, our platform/tools provide a positive experience in what can be a challenging time of life.


Groups subject to Federal COBRA MUST allow the former employee an opportunity to COBRA the HRA benefit in conjunction with the medical benefit. If you are subject to State Continuation (not COBRA), the HRA is typically not eligible for continuation, as State Continuation commonly is applicable to only fully insured medical plans.

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Our COBRA administration platform was purpose-built to support the unique needs of large and complex employers

Efficient Administration

Purpose-built to run the business of COBRA administration.

One Solution

COBRA and consumer-directed healthcare in one integrated platform.

Intuitive User Experience

For brokers/consultants, employers and consumers.

Flexible Reporting

Easy access to the insights you need to manage your program

Integrated Print/Mail/Email

With customizable letter templates and reporting.

Direct Billing and Payments

Multi-channel payment acceptance with tight controls and reliable processing.

Seamlessly deliver COBRA benefits while maintaining federal compliance.

The OCA COBRA platform gives employers a full-scale, secure, web-based experience to guide consumers through the post-employment health benefits process in a simplified and meaningful way. Enrollment with insurance carriers and payment processing are at the heart of our software, and our expansive system capabilities support of hundreds of thousands of participants at a time.

Let’s talk about COBRA


What is COBRA insurance?

COBRA is a federal law passed in 1985 that permits employees to retain health care coverage under their employer’s group plan for a temporary amount of time after experiencing a qualifying major life event that would result in coverage termination.

How Does COBRA Work?

Election Period: The employer must provide a minimum of 60 days for you to elect continuation of your healthcare coverage.

Revocation of Waiver: If you opt not to receive COBRA, you can revoke the waiver and continue your coverage at any time within the election period.

Length of Coverage: COBRA coverage can last up to 18 months. You may apply for an additional 18 months (total of 36 months) of coverage under certain circumstances.

Benefits: You are entitled to continue the same coverage you had prior to the qualifying event.

Cost: COBRA cannot cost more than 102% of what other employees pay for the same coverage.

HSA: Health Savings Account funds can be used to pay COBRA premiums

What Constitutes a Qualified Life Event?

-Losing your job for any reason except gross misconduct
-A reduction in number of hours worked
-Divorce or legal separation from the covered employee
-The covered employee becomes eligible for Medicare
-The covered employee dies

Who Is Eligible?

You qualify for COBRA if:

-Your company has at least 20 employees and a group health plan, and you experience a “qualified” life event that causes the loss of your healthcare coverage

-You are the spouse or dependent child of an individual who qualifies for COBRA

-You participate in a local or state government-sponsored group health plan that is eligible for COBRA (check your local/state laws to determine eligibility)

Loss of COBRA

Your health plan can discontinue coverage before the COBRA term expires for the following reasons:

-Failure to pay premiums in a timely manner

-Employer terminates the group health plan

-A qualified beneficiary of your plan:
Begins receiving coverage from a different group healthcare plan
Starts receiving Medicare benefits
Causes loss of coverage due to inappropriate behavior, such as fraud

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