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ClaimsExpress-Making HRAs Easier!

Through our partnership with TPA Stream, OCA is able to offer it’s first in class “ClaimsExpress” service. ClaimsExpress™ automates the employee claim filing experience by linking to your insurance carrier portal! Once the accounts are linked, ClaimsExpress™ will automatically retrieve any new EOBs issued by the insurance company. Many insurance carriers now require members to set up a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Certain carriers even require the MFA to be provided each time a login attempt is made. While we certainly appreciate and understand the carriers reasoning behind these enhanced security measures, it has certainly created a more challenging experience for our members utilizing our ClaimsExpress service. 

Supported MFA Carrier List

Some carriers require  2FA (two-factor) text message verification or email to secure your account. Two-factor or multi-factor (MFA) authentication helps keep the participants’ important information safe and secure. These carriers have enhanced security practices to keep participant information secure and require participants to enter a verification code during enrollment and/or during the plan year, depending on the carrier. Carriers that require a code at each claim collection are indicated.

*Indicates a Supported MFA Carrier

+Indicates a Supported MFA Carrier that requires code at every claim collection

  • AmeriHealth+
  • AmeriHealth Administrators+
  • BCBS Illinois*
  • BCBS Montana*
  • BCBS of New Mexico*
  • BCBS of Oklahoma*
  • BCBS of South Carolina+
  • BCBS Texas*
  • CareFirst+
  • Cigna*
  • ConnectiCare+
  • Guardian*
  • Health Plan of Nevada+
  • Horizon BCBS New Jersey+
  • Humana+
  • Independence Blue Cross (IBC)+
  • Meritain Health*
  • Prevea 360*
  • Priority Health*
  • Regence Idaho, Oregon, Utah+
  • UPMC+
  • UPMC HealthPlan+

Carriers that require a code at every claim collection+

Member Experience

  • Members will receive a new email every 20 days prompting them that it is time to collect claims. After entering in the carrier credentials and one-time code, ClaimsExpress will retrieve all new claims data for OCA to review and process. Again, this email communication will occur every 20 days.
  • If members ignore the email and claims are not collected, we will automatically send this email 20 days after to get caught up. ClaimsExpress will retrieve all claims data if/when the member responds to an email.

Special Instructions for carriers that use HealthSafe ID

United Healthcare requires all participants to use HealthSafe ID, which has enhanced features to secure the participant’s account, which requires a code sent to an associated phone number to authenticate. Importantly, security question are no longer accepted.

Detailed instructions are linked by carrier below. 

Setting up ClaimsExpress is as easy as…

Sync Account
Members can register for ClaimsExpress™ thru OCA’s portal/mobile app and enter in their carrier login credentials

EOB Retrieval
We then streamline the EOB retrieval and processing experience using automated technology

Automatic Claim Process
OCA can automatically reimburse eligible claims to members or match EOBs with pending card transactions

ClaimsExpress- Making HRAs Easier

OCA’s ClaimsExpress™ service streamlines the EOB retrieval and processing experience using automated technology! With over 150 supported carriers, OCA offers competitive advantages through paperless Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) processing and electronic retrieval. It eliminates claim filing for employees!

ClaimsExpress Carrier Integrations

ClaimsExpress FAQ

How does ClaimsExpress help my employees?

Your employees will be directed to create an account, an effortless process thanks to our single sign-on feature, which allows them to use their existing credentials. On the welcome page, they will be invited to “Link a Plan” by entering their carrier and their carrier’s website credentials. We’ll start pulling data immediately with no more effort on their part.

Which insurance carriers do you work with?

We have a substantial list of existing carrier relationships and we are continually adding support for new carriers.

Is ClaimsExpress HIPAA compliant?

Yes! ClaimsExpress is HIPAA Compliant and adheres to all HIPAA guidelines. We conform to the technical safeguards prescribed by the HIPAA Security Standards. These include: access control, audit controls, integrity, authentication and encryption.

Will my employees still need to substantiate challenged debit card transactions?

Possible. ClaimsExpress will attempt to substantiate all claims automatically with no need for employee action. However, if transactions do not match carrier EOBs, then employees will be asked to submit documentation. If necessary, manual substantiations can still be made by uploading a receipt.