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Our team of Healthcare Assistants take care of all the things you don’t like or don’t know how to deal with: billing mistakes, finding and coordinating with providers, selecting a health insurance plan, and more.

OCA strategic partnership with TouchCare, the premier healthcare concierge service company allows us to help consumers navigate the complexities of the healthcare system while saving them time, money, and frustration. Our team of Health Assistants help employees with negotiation of confusing bills, finding the highest quality in-network doctors, compare treatment costs for services, explain benefits in plain language, provide support during open enrollment, and much more! Our goal is to ensure that members get the most of their benefits and their benefit dollars by guiding them to make better decisions. Our concierge-style approach saves members time, money, and hassle.

Healthcare Concierge Services

Billing Review

When members get a confusing bill in the mail, they can easily upload a picture and ask us to investigate. We coordinate directly with the provider or carrier to ensure the bill is correct and negotiate the bill when it is not.

Benefits Transparency

TouchCare members have the opportunity to schedule a confidential deep-dive both during Open Enrollment, or anytime after they have made their annual elections, to review plans and ask detailed questions.

Open Enrollment Support

We created the Open Enrollment Consultation to provide peace of mind. Every member’s healthcare needs are unique – and their benefits selection should reflect that. All we need is 30 minutes.

Provider Searches

We assess every provider based on a proprietary set of criteria. TouchCare Health Assistants carefully match based on location, cost, specialty type, gender preference, and prioritize in-network providers.

Benefits Navigation

TouchCare assists with more than just medical insurance. We also support your voluntary benefits. When you need assistance with or need to understand your dental, vision, FSA, HSA, HRA, our team can assist.

Appointment Scheduling

After we assist our members with their provider research, we will schedule appointments directly with the providers. Once provided with availability, our team will ensure they get scheduled.

Cost Transparency

We provide members with an understanding of their health plans and inform them of precise costs before they have a test or procedure. We’ll always follow up with a clear side-by-side comparison of our research.

Procedure Preparation Assistance

Prior to any procedure, TouchCare offers a robust partnership that reduces stress, saves time, and eliminates confusion or administrative errors that are all too common with complex medical issues.

RxCare Consultations

We assist members to help them understand their pharmaceutical benefits and to help them determine the lowest cost options for all of their Rx needs. We’ll explore creative options to save you money.

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Our team is made up of real people, who can listen and solve the issue for you. Imagine never having to call an insurance company ever again.

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