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OCA has selected MZQ Consulting as it’s premier plan document solutions partner because MZQ shares our core values by bringing deep expertise and superb client service to everything they do.

Wrap Documents

HIPAA Notices

5500 Filing

Any ERISA Wrap Plan Document can be used to “check the box” on a plan implementation checklist, but not all plan solutions are created equal.

Founded in 2014 by an ERISA attorney and a systems engineer, MZQ is a premier ACA Reporting and Benefits Compliance company. With over forty years of compliance and technical expertise, their ERISA compliance solution helps employers navigate the complex world of employee benefits.

Compass Plus package is your one-stop-shop for compliance.

Wrap Documents

The MZQ wrap document is designed to help ensure clients meet applicable legal requirements under ERISA, the Internal Revenue Code, HIPAA, the Affordable Care Act and more.

Form 5500 Filling

Unsure what to do with all those carrier disclosures? A dedicated MZQ Compliance Specialist will help you through the entire 5500 filing process, from preparation to filing, including the Summary Annual Report.

ACA Reporting/Notices

Our HIPAA manual is specifically tailored to employer-sponsored health plans. The manual incorporates both privacy and security policies and procedures.

Compliance services that meet your needs

Compass is your one-stop-shop for compliance. Led by our team of industry experts providing a complete array of features, Compass will effortlessly guide you away from confusion and towards peace-of-mind.

Compass & Compass Plus+ Package

Led by our MZQ team of industry experts providing a complete array of features, Compass Plus will effortlessly guide you away from confusion and towards peace-of-mind.

Plan FeaturesCompass PlusCompass
Dedicated ERISA Compliance Specialist
Employer Specific/Employe Accessible Portal
Wrap Document Package
Notice and Disclosure Package
HIPAA Compliance Manual & Training
5500 Preparation & Filing

Why Choose MZQ?

For clients simply looking to for a basic Wrap Document, OCA’s ERISAExpress Wrap Document solution is quick, easy, and affordable. However, for clients looking for a more personalized solution the MZQ approach is the way to go!

This is illustrated through MZQ’s plan document creation process which features:

  • A personalized intake process which includes thorough review of the groups plan structure to screen for compliance red flags.
  • An assigned Wrap Plan Document Specialist that prepares the wrap plan adoption agreement on behalf of the group.
  • An integrated premium only/125 plan document—this cuts down on the paperwork and makes things easier on both HR and participants.
  • The MZQ Wrap Plan portal allows for efficient and convenient electronic distribution in a manner designed to meet the DOLs standard distribution rules (and therefore not requiring that the otherwise applicable electronic distribution safe-harbor be met).
  • Employer-friendly plan provisions, which can come in VERY handy.  A great example is default language which states that any MLR rebate received by the plan is attributable to the employer’s contribution first.  This “magic” language allows most employers to choose what they want to do with any MLR rebate received, rather than needing to complete complex reimbursement procedures.
  • Most importantly, support!!! Your questions will be answered in a timely manner by true compliance experts. The value of that type of peace of mind can be incalculable.

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