Employer Payment Portal

The online Employer Payment Portal provides employers the ability to quickly and easily make a one-time payment relating to OCA’s monthly invoices for our services. This payment portal is NOT for Employers or Participants to remit COBRA/Retiree premium payments.

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Invoicing FAQs

We’re set-up already for OCA to ACH our monthly fees. Does this is include the annual fee or do I need to mail a check?

Once set-up on the monthly auto-draft, it will include all fees that are invoiced in a particular month. This would include the annual fee.

How can I get set-up for ACH remittance so I don’t have to issue checks anymore?

Simply complete our Company EFT Authorization form and remit to accounting@oca125.com. To download of copy of this form copy/paste the below URL


There are individuals that were terminated and still appear on my invoice. Why?

OCA bills in the arrears. So each invoice received at the beginning of each month is for the services provided the month prior. Individuals will drop off the invoice that corresponds with the month in which that individual no longer had coverage. (i.e. Employee was terminated March 3rd. Since they still had coverage during the month of March, which is invoiced in April – this person should no longer appear on invoices issued beginning with May.)

What do I need to do in order to terminate service?

Termination of services should be communicated a minimum of 30 days prior to the intended termination date. This ensures the finalization of services to be rendered, final invoicing, reporting that may be needed, and claims adjudication – to name a few are completed timely. Simply complete the form by going to https://oca125.com/termination/

What are OCA’s methods of receiving payment? Once I decide which suits our business needs, how do I communicate this to OCA?

Payments can be remitted one of the following methods:

Check – Employers can mail in a check made payable to OCA, ATTN: Accounting, 3705 Quakerbridge Road – Suite 216, Mercerville, NJ 08619

Credit Card – Employers can make a non-recurring payment via credit card. (Note – there is a service fee associated with credit card payments.)

ACH Push – Employers can make a non-recurring payment via an ACH push. Go to https://www.e-billexpress.com/ebpp/OCA/Login/Index

ACH Draft – Employers can be set-up to automatically have OCA draft the necessary funds on or about the 15th of each month. Simply complete the form by clicking here.

I have questions regarding my invoice. Who can I reach out to?

Email accounting@oca125.com This will ensure that the entire Accounting team receives your inquiry and provides a timely response.