myOCA Account

24/7/365 access to your accounts – just like the online banking sites you’re used to for your personal finances.


Click your profile type below to access your benefit account information.

If you are currently still under the myrsc portal, please click here. If your employer hasn’t been moved to the upgraded OCA platform yet, you will not have access to the new “myOCA” login at this time.

If you’re looking to enroll in a new benefit you may click here to begin the online enrollment.

Do you want to demo the employer or participant portal?

To view the participant portal click the “participant demo login” button below and enter in Ocademo2018 for the username and  security question answers. The password is P@ssword1234. You’ll then be able to access the new participant portal. For the employer portal click the employer demo login and enter in “employerdemo2018” as the username and “Temp2019” for the password.

Alerts & Communication

Optimizing engagement with real time alerts & communications 

The new platform automates the distribution of event-triggered communications to your consumers via email or text. Depending on the alert or communication, it may not be appropriate to include personal-, account-, or healthcare-related information in the body of an email or text. In these communications or circumstances, we can simply send a message directing consumers to view a new communications or alert via the Portal or Mobile message centers – ensuring communications and consumer data remain safe and secure, within the online and mobile applications.

Scheduled Reporting

Real time reporting you’ve been asking for

An example of one report is the “employer disbursement” report which provides a consolidated list of all transactions (card swipes, reimbursed manual claims, and refunds) for an employer group during a specified time period. This gives a clear, concise view of a group’s spending activity, and provides employers with the ability to easily reconcile claims.

Online Capabilities

Streamlined administration & increased automation

The new system will allow for easy online enrollment and/or terminations for brokers and employers. Members will now have access to self-service and decision support resources at their fingertips where they can better understand the full value of their accounts, such as how much they should contribute based on their past spending and current care needs. Click here to watch some of our new video’s that review the new participant portal!

Participant Portal Screen Shots