OCA’s FSA Renewal Process Simplified

May 24, 2023 | How To’s

Creating a Successful FSA Open Enrollment Experience

At OCA, we are driven by our mission to provide you with a successful FSA open enrollment that empowers your employees, simplifies administrative processes, and optimizes the benefits experience. Below you will find our client email communication timelines and procedures.

Phase 1

Annual Renewal and Plan Optimization

Client Renewal Communication: Prior to the plan year renewal, we send out a series of communications to discuss any updates or changes required for the upcoming year.  This includes adjusting contribution limits, updating plan documents, and communicating changes to employees.

To help ensure your FSA program remains up to date, we kindly request our clients to complete our FSA renewal form. The renewal link can be found below.


Employer FSA Renewal Form

Phase 2

Employee Communication and Education

Communication Strategy: We develop a comprehensive communication strategy to effectively inform and educate your employees about the FSA program. We provide access to communication materials such as emails, brochures, posters, and our online resources portal to highlight the benefits and features of the FSA, enrollment deadlines, and how to maximize their savings.

Employee Education: We offer educational sessions, either in person or via webinars, to provide employees with a clear understanding of how the FSA works, eligible expenses, and the reimbursement process. These sessions address common questions and concerns, empowering employees to make informed decisions. To schedule a enrollment meeting, please contact your OCA Sales Executive.

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Phase 3

Post-Enrollment Optimization

Post Open Enrollment Support: Following the renewal date, our dedicated client experience team remains available to address any post-implementation questions, provide ongoing assistance, and ensure your continued success.

Plan Optimization:  Our goal is to ensure that your FSA program remains competitive, compliant, and aligned with your employees’ needs. We continuously evaluate the FSA program’s effectiveness and provide recommendations for optimization based on participant feedback, industry trends, and regulatory changes.

Enrollment and Onboarding

Missing Enrollments?

If  the employee enrollments were not previously submitted to OCA during the renewal submission you can submit them after using the below link.

OCA will accept enrollment data up until your plan renewal date. However, to ensure timely processing and zero disruption to your new plan year, we do ask that you submit enrollments at least 10 business days prior to your FSA renewal date. Enrollments can be submitted via paper, online, excel, portal, or file feeds.

Submit/Upload Enrollments

Need Eligibility Integration?

OCA can work with your payroll provider, carrier, or benefit administration system to help capture employee eligibility data or claim files. Our platform is architected to give clients maximum flexibility when it comes to getting data in and out of our platform.

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The FSA Renewal Client Communications

1st Client Communication

70 days before renewal date: The FSA Kick-Off Email will be sent to the employer and broker contacts. This email “sets the stage” of what’s to come. Those email subjects are
broken down below.

2nd Client Communication

60 days before renewal date: The initial email will include OCA’s “FSA Renewal Form,” allowing employers to amend their FSA benefit, confirm plan information, schedule trainings, provide additional points of contact, etc. The FSA Renewal form is embedded with the clients record and will include prepopulated fields such as: Employer Name, Contacts, Annual Limits, Carryover/Grace, etc.).

3rd Client Communication

55 days before renewal date: The next email will provide open enrollment educational tools/resources that can help employees feel confident in making the right decisions for the upcoming plan year.

4th Client Communication

30 days before renewal date: The third email will remind employers and brokers the need to finalize employee enrollments in the upcoming days. This is to avoid any disruption or delays with employee benefit accounts.

5th Client Communication

20 days before the renewal date: The next email will be sent to any employer who did not complete OCA’s FSA Renewal. This email will remind them of the importance to complete the FSA renewal form and provide OCA with employee election.

6th Client Communication

30 days after the renewal date: The final email will provide further educational content (i.e., how to access online/mobile accounts, running reports, etc.) as well as making more trainings available.

Additional Services

Looking for OCA to support additional lines of service? Contact our Sales Team to see if we can assist!

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