Horizon BCBS/ClaimsExpress

August 3, 2021 | OCA News Quick Alerts

An Important Notification Regarding Horizon BCBS Participants Utilizing OCA’s ClaimsExpress Service

It has been brought to OCA’s attention that Horizon BCBS has automatically enabled an extra security feature on the Horizon BCBS member portal. The automatically enabled 2-factor authentication security setting is causing disruption to the ClaimsExpress service. This process, unfortunately, is breaking credential connections and we are no longer receiving claim data for processing.

In order to correct this connection, the 2-factor authentication will need to be disabled on the Horizon portal. Once completed, the connection with ClaimsExpress will need to be reestablished through the myOCA portal’s ClaimsExpress section.

To remove the Advanced Security under Horizon:

  • Go to profile and settings
  • Go to advanced security
  • Turn the MFA toggle off

See Screenshot example below:

If you do not have this option through the profile settings, you may search through the FAQs to find the hidden Advanced Security, as seen in the screenshot below.

Once you have updated your Horizon BCBS settings, please log into your myOCA portal and update your Horizon BCBS login information as shown below.