myPOP Express is an annual subscription that will be automatically renewed each year unless told otherwise by the client. Through myPOP Express, OCA will issue plan documents within 24 hours of the online application being completed and payment being made. If payment is not made, documents will not be issued. Payment can be made either with a credit card or ACH option.

Below is a breakdown of the services provided by OCA through our myPOP Express platform.

Preparation and Creation of legal plan documents

This includes the Plan Document, Summary Plan Description, Adoption Agreement, and Board Resolution, and Employee Salary Reduction Agreement Form.

Annual Non-Discrimination Testing (Upon Request)

Annual discrimination tests are designed to show that eligibility and plan benefits are applied fairly and consistently, which in turn allows the plan sponsor to avoid unfavorable tax consequences.

Amendment (SMM) of plan documents

Plan Administrators making updates or changes to their Section 125 POP are included in the annual fee.

Client Service Support

Employers and plan participants have access to OCA’s client service department M-F 9 AM – 5 PM