Cigna & ClaimsExpress Connectivity

May 7, 2021 | Quick Alerts

An Important Notification Regarding Cigna Participants Utilizing OCA’s ClaimsExpress Service

It was recently discovered that Cigna made significant changes to their member portal site. For members to access their myCigna online accountCigna now requires members to set up a two-step authentication, also called multi-factor authentication (MFA). Cigna’s MFA requirement has impacted OCA’s ability to automatically access member claims data (EOBs) for employees, regardless of those who have already or haven’t previously successfully synced their Cigna account with ClaimsExpress. 

Good news! OCA and our ClaimsExpress technology partner have successfully deployed new enhancements that will allow our members to set up their MFA authentication within ClaimsExpress.  Members will be asked to add their MFA information to their ClaimsExpress account. Once that’s completed, ClaimsExpress will be able to retrieve the EOBs automatically going forward!  

For new ClaimsExpress members enrolling into a supported MFA carrier (i.e., CIGNA), they will receive the existing ClaimsExpress enrollment email currently being sent, with additional functionality to support the MFA.

For existing members with a login problem such as invalid or locked, they will receive the current fix credentials email with additional functionality to support the MFA.

For existing members who were valid prior to the carrier’s introduction of MFA, they will receive the new email, alerting them that it is time to collect their claims. After a new member successfully enrolls, or if an existing member successfully fixes their login problem and has claims collected, they will receive this new email going forward.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience.


OCA’s Client Service Department