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Do you want to demo the employer or participant portal?

To view the participant portal click the “participant demo login” button below and enter in Ocademo2018 for the username, security question answers. The password is P@ssword1234. You’ll then be able to access the new participant portal. For the employer portal click the employer demo login and enter in “employerdemo2018” as the username and “Employer2019” for the password.


Make sure you’re aware of all the new improvements!

Our enhanced system will be the most flexible and easy-to-use experience in the market! It’s very important to OCA that we provide clear communication and transparency with our broker partners and employers. Here are some helpful FAQs that review the transition to the enhanced platform.

When will clients be upgraded?

We will be upgrading clients upon their OCA renewal date beginning October 1, 2018. This staggered approach will help create a smooth transitional experience for our mutual valued clients. No new paperwork will be required!

Will my fees increase?

No! OCA will not be increasing administrative fees. Clients will be upgraded to the enhanced platform free of charge!

Will clients have a new login?

Yes. Employers and plan participants will need to create a new username and password on OCA’s new employer and participant portal. The new platform has a new security feature: multi-factor authentication. This feature helps prevent any fraudulent activity as it requires two successive factors – their username and password along with a security question (i.e. mother’s maiden name).

How will OCA handle the run out period?

The plan run out period (typically 90 days) will be processed and reimbursed under the existing benefit system (myrsc). Claims incurred on or after the new plan year will be processed under the upgraded system. Existing mySource debit cards will be shut down as of the last day of the current plan year. All run out claims will need to be manually submitted to OCA. You and your employees will still have the availability of our existing myrsc website.

How will clients know which check is associated with which system/plan year?

During the 90 day run out period for the 1st year only, OCA could issue reimbursement checks from both the current system as well as the new OCA enhanced system. OCA wants to help identify which system the check reimbursement is associated with (the old plan year or the new play year). As such, any payments issued under the new OCA system will begin with the starting check number “19700”. OCA will continue to follow the existing check sequence in the old system.

Will there be a new fax line?

If you choose to fax in claims, once upgraded to the new platform, you will need to fax all documents to 609-514-0111. Documents (i.e. claims) submitted to OCA’s alternative fax lines may cause a delay in processing.

Will members need to download a new mobile app?

Yes. Our new mobile app is called OCA Mobile. This powerful, native mobile and tablet application empowers consumers with access to: Emma, the CDH industry’s first voice-activated intelligent assistant, that provides answers to questions about benefit accounts. Participants can also view account balances, submit claims & upload supporting receipt documentation (multiple photo’s) via camera phone, view and manage debit cards, receive & view real time alerts and important account-related communications, and so much more!


Will employers have multiple logins?

The upgraded system has a unique URL for the employer and a unique URL for the participant portal. If a individual (i.e. HR role) has access to the employer portal and is also enrolled as an OCA plan participant, they will have two unique logins. One for the employer portal and one for the participant portal.

Will the employer need to complete new paperwork?

No! Clients will be automatically upgraded to the enhanced platform upon their OCA renewal date without the need to complete any new paperwork!

Will participants receive new debit cards?

Yes. The mySource card will be deactivated (shut down) as of the last day of the current plan year. Your participants will receive new debit cards for the new plan year.  Participants will continue to utilize their current benefits debit card for expenses applicable to the current plan year through, however, beginning at your renewal date, the new cards will only have the new plan year funds loaded.

When will employees receive their new debit card?

For carded accounts, OCA will issue new debit cards roughly 2-3 weeks prior to the plan renewal date. The debit card will be mailed to the employee home address. However, employers will now have the option to have cards shipped to the employer address if preferred. To change the default mailing address, please click here and complete our debit card mailing form..

When will the existing mySource debit card shut down?

The mySource card will be shut down at midnight on the last day of current plan year. Plan participants will no longer be able to utilize the mySource card in the new plan year.

How will employer funding work?

OCA and its banking partner front-pay merchants for all debit card activity, and participants for direct deposit reimbursement. OCA and its banking partner will then attempt to recover these funds from the employer accounts the same day.  Front-loading the funding is a convenience OCA offers to their employer clients.

How will the 75-day grace period work between the old/new platform?

If you have a Flexible Spending Account with a 75-day grace period, all grace-period claims will need to be filed as a manual claim. Participants cannot use their new OCA debit card. This will allow OCA to process those claims under their old benefit. Please note, that this is only applicable to this transition year. In year 2 under the new platform members will be able to access their grace period claims under one system.

What happens when your HRA and FSA have different plan renewals?

The HRA and FSA plan will both be upgraded upon the HRA renewal date. There will be a black out period of up to 10 business days if a debit card is linked to the FSA program.

What is a black-out period?

A black out period is a specific date range that would allow OCA to transition claims from the existing system to the upgraded system. During this time, OCA will not process any new claims or approve debit card transactions until the takeover data has been finalized. Typically, this process takes no more than 5 business days. Again, the black out is only applicable to groups who have both an HRA and FSA with different renewal dates.

Will the COBRA system change as well?

Clients who utilize OCA for COBRA administration will remain on the existing COBRA platform until Spring of 2019. OCA will be sending out additional communication that is specific to COBRA later this year. New COBRA business written on or after 10/1/18  will be placed on the enhanced COBRA platform.