Smart Account

February 19, 2020 | OCA News Quick Alerts

OCA’s “Smart Account” Mobile App

Now Available!

Our “Smart Account” mobile app combines health and wealth in one location, providing users with a unique experience to help take the guesswork out of their healthcare spending and saving decisions. 

OCA has been committed to providing innovative solutions that deliver the best value to our clients!

More Than Just an App

Advancements in technology have changed people’s expectations and, as a result, they are demanding innovation, a connected engagement journey and personalization across every aspect of their lives, including healthcare.

Streamlined Registration

It delivers on the desires of a modern healthcare consumer

Our “Smart Account” mobile app combines health and wealth in one location, providing users with a unique experience to help take the guesswork out of their healthcare spending and saving decisions. It includes a personalized, real-time and self-guided experience that lets them get more value out of every dollar they spend or save on healthcare.

  • Personalized to give employees proactive recommendations that guide them to navigate their healthcare journey
  • Real-time insights to give employees accurate, up-to-the-minute data the moment they need it
  • Easy to navigate in a simple, superior and intuitive employee experience
  • Reliable to work as expected every time, safely and securely

Powerful Self-Service Capabilities

Gives employees access to the powerful self-service capabilities they depend on

  • View account balances and transaction history
  • Submit claims and upload supporting receipt documentation
  • Pay bills and request reimbursements
  • View and manage debit cards
  • Receive real-time alerts and important  account-related communications
  • Update their profile information
  • Manage communications and reimbursement settings
  • Smart phone biometric verification technology

Opportunities Feed

Promotes activities that drive value for your employees & improves their Smart Score

  • Pharmacy: When users enter prescriptions in their medicine cabinet, they will be prompted to save by using their GoodbuyRx card, different pharmacies, or generic options
  • Max out prior-year contributions: When applicable, employees are prompted to max out their prior-year health savings account contribution up to the IRS limit
  • Targeted plan-specific engagement: If users have money in their FSA within 90 days of the plan year end date, they will receive a targeted coupon, dependent upon their balance, to shop at the FSA Store

Real-time Cost & Care Insights

  • Predictive analytics between chronic condition and cost/lifetime spend
  • Considers employee’s medical benefit plan (as supplied during on-boarding) to determine in-network providers and procedures. 
  • Employees find providers in their area for specific procedures and quality ratings (Ribbon Health)
  • Gives transparency into cost and quality rating for the top 100 procedures
  • Average cost for procedures in a specific geographical area
  • Supports the 20 most common conditions

Real-time RX

  • Pharmacy discount card allows users to save on prescriptions & it can be added to a digital wallet
  • Drug savings are searchable and based on location (OrchestraRX)
  • Prescriptions can be stored in a virtual medicine cabinet
  • Home pharmacy and drive radius are stored in the app
  • Generic drugs are recommended when applicable for additional savings


Make sure you’re aware of all the new improvements!

Our enhanced system will be the most flexible and easy-to-use experience in the market! It’s very important to OCA that we provide clear communication and transparency with our broker partners and employers. Here are some helpful FAQs that review the transition to the enhanced platform.

Will my employees have to create new usernames or login credentials?

No. For existing mobile app users, there is no impact to their user IDs or passwords; their login credentials will not change.  

How do employees access the new app?

The release of the new app is simply an update to the existing version.

For employees who have already downloaded the existing app:

  • If they have automatic updates enabled on their phone, the update will run automatically.
  • If they have automatic updates disabled, they will be notified that an update is available, and they will need to visit the App Store or Google Play to manually install the update.

Do I need to notify my employees?

We encourage you to notify your employees that an enhanced OCA Mobile App experience will soon be available, so they know what to expect. For your convenience, we have provided a sample email, overview document, and FAQ to help you communicate this exciting change to your employees.

All existing features and functionality will be present in the new version. Employees will still be able to check their account balance, view account details, submit claims, access alerts, ask questions, and request a new card, among other things.

We strongly encourage them to take advantage of this new and improved experience! They can download the app at the Apple App Store or Google Play by searching for “OCA Mobile”. The new app features a simplified registration process to get them up and running quickly and with ease.

Users will have the option to enter their health insurance provider information. The new app has a powerful Find Care feature, and by entering their health insurance provider information, it will ensure that when this feature is used, only in-network healthcare providers are displayed in the search results. Users who elect not to enter their health insurance provider information can still use the Find Care feature; however, it will not be as effective because search results will not be limited to in-network providers.