Connected Cash Reimbursement

December 18, 2020 | Debit Card OCA News Quick Alerts

Connected Cash is a new, innovative, and convenient alternative to check or direct deposit reimbursements.

OCA can now make reimbursements to be credited right to the participants’ benefits debit card. With the Connected Cash functionality, consumers can automatically begin receiving reimbursements directly back to a cash account on their benefit debit card and then use the dollars reimbursed to their card however they choose.

Connected Cash features

  • Real-time reimbursements into a cash account
  • Ability to transfer cash to personal account
  • Real-time alerts via email and text message
  • Ability to use at major retailers, gas stations and online
  • Contactless card (tap-to-pay)
  • Links to Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Built-in rewards program
  • Custom fraud rules that protect consumers

It simplifies the claim reimbursement for consumers!