COBRA Toolkit Guides

Access our COBRA toolkit guides below, which will help ensure you’re fully aware of all the COBRA obligations, procedures, and timelines throughout the year.

Employer COBRA Portal Guide/Overview

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The Lifecycle of a COBRA Participant Guide

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COBRA Letters Flow Chart

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The Lifecycle of a COBRA Participant

Step 1 – Suspend Coverage with Carrier(s)

The employer will need to suspend/terminate the qualified beneficiary’s coverage(s) with the insurance carrier(s) per the terms of the employers SPD(s).

Step 2 – Communicate Qualifying Event to OCA

When a COBRA event occurs, as the employer you have a maximum of 30 days to notify OCA of the event. We have attached an instructional guide on how to submit a qualifying event through OCA’s secure employer/broker portal.

Step 3 – Election Notice is Mailed

OCA must notify the qualified beneficiary generally within 14 days after receiving a qualifying event notice. Providing the election notice is the most critical step in COBRA administration. Generally, the qualified beneficiary’s election period will not end until at least 60 days after OCA provides the election notice is mailed.

Step 4 -Qualified Beneficiary Elects & Pays COBRA

COBRA coverage is not automatic. A qualified beneficiary must affirmatively elect-within the election period to continue his or her group health plan coverage. If elected, OCA will send specific email communications to the necessary eligibility contacts. The email will come from

Step 5- Reinstate COBRA Participant in Elected Plans

OCA will email the employer eligibility contacts when a new participant elects coverage and fully pays their initial premium. The eligibility contact (typically the employer) is then responsible for reinstating coverage with the specified carrier(s).

Step 6- Collecting & Disbursing COBRA Premium

OCA will issue premium disbursement twice (2) per month to the employer. Disbursements will be made to the employer via ACH or paper check. OCA charges $2 per check disbursement. ACH is included at no charge. Employers will have access to payment & disbursement reports through OCA’s COBRA employer portal.

COBRA Portal Video Tutortials

Adding a New Hire

Describes how to submit a New Hire/New Employee to OCA using OCA’s COBRA Employer Portal.

Submit a Qualifying Event

Describes how to submit a Qualifying Event to OCA using OCA’s COBRA Employer Portal.

How to run a Disbursement Details Report

Describes how to create a Disbursement Details Report. This report allows clients to identify the details associated with disbursed premium.

Schedule Employer Training

OCA is happy to provide training on our employer portal. Our employer portal will allow you to submit enrollments/terminations, retrieve COBRA notices, identify your COBRA participants and more! To schedule training with OCA, please click the button below.

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