COBRA OE Checklist

October 12, 2020 | COBRA COVID-19 Quick Alerts

COBRA OE Checklist

With up to 80% of employers starting their benefit plan year on January 1, many employers will soon begin (if not already) evaluating and negotiating new benefit plan design and rates for the upcoming plan year.¬†With this year’s open enrollment taking place during an ongoing pandemic and economic recession, we wanted to discuss some important steps employers should take to ensure a smooth open enrollment, as it relates to COBRA. Additionally, you may learn more by visiting our COBRA toolkit resource page.

Communicate new plans/rates early and often!

Although open enrollment occurs annually and is largely the same process each time, one of the most confusing steps for employers is handling individuals or families enrolled on COBRA or pending COBRA enrollment. Under ERISA, those on COBRA insurance must have the same open enrollment rights as active employees. That means that if employers offer active employees a new medical plan, they must also offer the same plan to COBRA-eligible individuals. The same applies to dropping plans or changing carriers. During open enrollment, premiums and employee costs may change. This means that COBRA premiums will change as well. OCA will provide new rate information to all applicable individuals.

Sign up for Employer ACH COBRA Premium Remittance

By signing up for ACH Premium Remittance, it can help reduce the headaches of having to mail COBRA checks each month! Simply complete the below information and OCA will set up your account so that COBRA payments can be directly deposited into your employer bank account.