2022 Open Enrollment Communications

October 8, 2021 | OCA News

Open Enrollment (OE) Client Communication Timeline

With many of our clients renewing their benefit offerings on January 1st, most will soon be evaluating their benefit packages and communicating their open enrollment strategies to their employees. To assist with open enrollment preparation, we want to provide a clear timeline to OCA’s January 1st, 2022 renewal process.  

OCA also wanted to inform you that all existing client fees will remain the same for 2022!  

Open Enrollment (OE) Client Communications Timeline

Below, please find OCA’s open enrollment email communications schedule as well as a brief description of what the specific email will entail.   

60 days prior to renewal date: The initial email will include our “Renewal Form,” allowing employers to amend their benefits with OCA, confirm plan information, schedule trainings, provide additional points of contact, etc. The expected sent date is 11/1/2021.

45 days prior to renewal date: The next email will provide educational tools/resources that can help employees feel confident in making the right decisions for the upcoming plan year. The expected sent date is 11/15/2021.

25 days prior to renewal date: The third email will alert employers to finalize and collect employee enrollments to avoid any disruption or delays with employee benefit accounts. The expected sent date is 12/5/2021.

5-7 days after the renewal date: The next email will be sent to any employer who did not communicate employee enrollment information to OCA. The expected sent date is 1/6/2022.

30 days after the renewal date: The final email will provide further educational content (i.e., how to access online/mobile accounts, running reports, etc.) as well as making more trainings available.

Should you have any questions or would like any additional content ahead of time, please feel free to contact OCA’s client service team at 855-622-0777 or email service@oca125.com.