OCA's "Smart Account" Mobile App New Release Date!

OCA is pleased to announce the new release date for our enhanced “Smart Account” mobile app! On May 22nd, we will submit the updated Smart Account app to Google Play and the Apple App Store. The app should then be available the week of May 25th, but could stretch into the week of June 1st. The release was originally scheduled to be in mid March but was delayed due to disruption concerns caused by COVID-19.  As we discussed in previous communications, the app release is simply an update to the existing OCA Mobile app version. Existing member login credentials will remain the same and depending on the members’ mobile settings, the update will either run automatically or they will be notified that an update is available.  

The enhanced OCA “Smart Account” mobile app helps ensure your employees get the most value from every healthcare dollar they spend or save by giving them access to personalized, low-cost, high-quality options that make them smarter consumers of healthcare – spending less now and saving more for the future.

What are the new features your employees will enjoy?

  • A modern, native mobile interface that integrates new health management capabilities with powerful self-service capabilities
  • Data driven tools, including a personalized Smart Score, that guide your employees to make informed decisions about where to best spend and save their healthcare dollars
  • Cost and quality insights that allow users to better search for procedures and providers
  • A virtual medicine cabinet for managing monthly drug costs
  • Long-term savings recommendations based on known chronic conditions
  • Personalized recommendations to help maximize account value

Click here to access a full summary and FAQ

To learn more about the Smart Account Mobile App and how it will revolutionize your benefit account employee experience, please see the attached overview document and FAQ. Existing member login credentials will remain the same. Depending on the members’ mobile settings, the update will either run automatically or they will be notified that an update is available.

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