Setting fair and reasonable expectations and timelines is critical to ensuring a successful implementation.

Review your benefits/plan design with OCA

With an employee benefit program, plan design is first, and probably the most important step in creating an effective benefit program. Each work site situation is unique and so the key is to design a plan to achieve your specific goals. We’ll meet with any size organization and come up with a plan that’s best for them! We’ll meet with the employees during the initial enrollment meeting as well as conduct follow-up meetings whenever called upon! The more educated everyone is, the more successful the program will be!

Complete and Submit New Group Application to OCA Sales Team

Once the final decisions on how your benefit program will work, we’ll need the OCA new group application completed. You can find all of our applications by clicking here. If you have any questions on the application you can always reach out to OCA Sales team and we’ll be happy to review the application with you.

OCA Sales Team Submit Application To Implementation and Client Meeting

When the application is submitted to your OCA Sales Team they’ll review the application to ensure everything is completed in full. If the sales team feels something isn’t right or data is missing, we’ll be sure to reach back out to you. It’s also during this time that we recommend we schedule either an onsite and/or webinar with your employees to review the program. The more educated everyone is, the more successful the program will be!

Implementation Creates Plan Documents and Receives Employee Enrollment Data

Once the application has been submitted to our implementation team, we do our very best to have the benefits create and plan documents created within 5 business days. During peak times of the year this timeline can be delayed. Should we not be able to keep our schedule we will inform all parties.

Around this time, the employee enrollments forms and/or census should have or needs to be sent to OCA for processing. For groups larger than 20 enrolled we always recommend a census enrollment over paper forms. Enrollment data can be sent to the OCA sales team or to implementation at

Plan Documents sent to Client for Signature

Once the implementation team has finalized all the plan documents, they’ll send the documents to the employers attention for signature using “DocuSign”. DocuSign is an online signature platform that allows the client to very easily review their documents and sign for completion. Once the documents are signed a completed copy will be sent back to OCA and the employer automatically.

Congrats Email Issued and Debit Cards Mailed (if applicable)

During and/or after receiving the signed documents OCA will send out a congratulations email to the employer with OCA contact information and administrative guides. Employees will also receive a welcome email providing them with login information to OCA’s secure employee portal.

Debit Cards (if applicable): It will also be around this time that the employee debit cards will be issued to the employee home addresses.

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