Flexible Spending Account

A flexible spending account (FSA) is one of the smartest ways to save on your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

Flexible Spending Accounts

A health FSA is a program that gives employees coverage under which certain expenses may be reimbursed, subject to certain maximum amounts and reasonable conditions. Employees can use a health FSA to pay for medical expenses that are not reimbursed through insurance or any other arrangement. Insurance co-pays, deductibles, eyeglasses, and orthodontia are common examples of health FSA expenses.

Account Login

Access you online portal to view claims, payment history, update personal information, card transactions, and more!

Mobile App

Access your account information using our mobile app. See account balances, submit claims, update your personal information!

FSA Forms

Find all the FSA forms you’ll need to have a successful FSA benefit.

FSA Store

FSA Store sells FSA eligible expenses! You can also find all IRS approved eligible expenses all in one place.

Benefit Debit Card

Learn why the IRS requires members to submit documentation when using your healthcare debit card.


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Did You Know? An FSA Can Help You Save 30% on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

As you consider your plan options, it’s vitally important you fully understand the tools, resources, and savings vehicles available to you – as well as how these things help you. A flexible spending account (FSA) is designed to provide a tax-advantaged tool to help you save on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. But, what does that really mean? And, how does it work? Watch our FSA video to learn more.